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Dean Farm Again! Part 2

I can't get enough of this place.

After spending an entire Saturday taking photos and having cuddles, I decided to go again the very next day! This time, I was given a walkie talkie and largely left to my own devices.

So, naturally, I started with a "hello" to Tina and Harriet as they had a nosey through my bag and coat, followed by Uncle Watson and Paul napping in the sun while I took photos of them. A good start to Day 2! I realised that I didn't know anything about Watson and how he came to Dean Farm, so I asked Holly. It turns out that he was going to be used for dog-baiting! Thankfully, somebody overheard a conversation in a pub, who then took him in and, a month later, brought him to Dean Farm.

A selfie with a small black pig napping in the sun
Uncle Watson takes a nap

Huey and Juney were once again drinking from, but not in, the pool, I would keep checking at every opportunity.

Next stop though was Hen Heaven! As you know, I love hens, I have four myself and just love their inquisitive natures and their cute little noises. I don't know her name, but 089 climbed onto my lap and had a full 10 minute cuddle, Mary is lucky I didn't sneak her into my car to take home with me! I then visited the new girls who were rescued the day before, it was lovely to see one of them up high on a perch and most of the others already feeling safe enough to come and see what I was doing.

A rescued egg-laying hen stares into the camera while being stroked
Hen cuddles!

After spending what was probably too much time with The Girls, I went to see the donkies and goats. Unfortunately, it seems the goats are camera shy and, although curious, ran the other way when I got close to the fence. The donkies were the complete opposite and I was treated to lots of sniffs, heads rubbed against me and dust baths I could watch them enjoy.

Next up, I returned to Piggy Avenue, quite possibly my favourite place in the world. Outwardly, my main aim was to catch Billy awake and out with Jeff and Linky, inwardly, I just wanted to see Jeff again! Before that though, I stopped by one of the other pens in Piggy Avenue. One little guy I developed a fondness for was Roy:

"Roy was rescued in September 2017, aged 9 months.

"Roy is an adorable mini pig who came to us after his owner felt she could not give him the life he deserved. Roy lived in a flat, slept in a bed with a teddy bear and had never met another pig until he came to us. He was well looked after and very much loved, but his owner felt he needed to have other pigs around him.

"Roy now lives happily with his piggy friends and enjoys wallowing in mud. However, he still has a real bond with humans and loves human interaction and company. Roy will come when you call his name and frequently rolls onto his back to not-so-subtly ask for tummy tickles."

Rescued micropig walking towards the camera
Roy having a wander

After spending some time with Roy, I headed over to Jeff, Linky and Billy...the boys!

Rescued Kune Kune pig recieves tummy rubs in the sun from a member of sanctuary staff
Jeff enjoys a tummy rub from Other Mary, one of the staff

Billy was much more co-operative this time and came out to hang with his buddies, so I was able to get some decent photos. I had to keep reminding myself that I was there to take photos, not play with pigs and cuddle hens! Happy with my time in Piggy Avenue, I headed back towards the barn, and guess who was in the pool!

June decided it was bath time just as I was tucking into an apple! Maybe you can work with animals after all.

Another quick round of the sanctuary, this time with Mary again, and my day came to an end. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Dean Farm, as always and can't wait to go back there again later this year.

Photos are now available in both the Gallery and the Store. As always 50% of the profits from any print sales will be donated back to Dean Farm, you can also support Dean Farm by following them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all the latest news and events.

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