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Vegan Animal Sanctuaries in the UK: Part 1

With the upcoming UK Tour at the end of May, I thought I would provide an update and also a bit of a list for your information if you fancy a day out. Today, I will list all of the ones currently on the Tour (still waiting on confirmation from a couple of others too!)

1. Dean Farm Trust - Chepstow, Wales

First up is the first sanctuary I ever visited, Dean Farm Trust. This fantastic vegan-run sanctuary is based in Chepstow, South Wales and has been operating since 2013, making this year their 10th Anniversary. To celebrate, they are holding a series of events, one of which is an open weekend featuring lots of vegan stalls, including me! They host open days throughout the year where you get a tour and a chance to meet some of the wonderful souls which call this place "home".

Mary is the founder and is an inspirationally passionate vegan. Her bond with each and every one of the animals on the 62-acre site is incredible. Dean Farm have previously worked with the vegan charity Viva! on rescues and you have probably seen the video of Hope and her piglets running around on the grass in their first taste of freedom, if not here it is:

Facebook: Dean Farm Trust

Instagram: @dean_farm_trust

2. Little Pigs At Home Animal Sanctuary - Tergryn, Wales

Next up on the tour is another sanctuary in southern Wales, Little Pigs At Home Animal Sanctuary. These guys are only just over a year old as a sanctuary, but prior to that they assisted other sanctuaries with transport for new rescues.

Despite the name, they are home to so much more than pigs, they also has a small flock of ducks, a couple of rescued dogs and even some tortoises. Still growing and expanding as they settle in, they are active on social media and can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Shameless momentary plug: I am running my first ever half-marathon on 14th May and raising funds for Little Pigs At Home after one of their pigs (Bluebell) recently had surgery, so please head on over and donate if you can.

3. The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice - Kirkcudbright, Scotland

This place is truly special and I can't wait to visit! If you don't know, The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice is the first purpose-built farmed animal hospice in the world. Over 400 animals are currently living out their days here in south west Scotland and it is run by the wonderful Alexis Fleming and named after her beloved friend, Maggie. You can read their story on the website, I won't break your heart here, and, while you're there, I would strongly suggest buying a copy of her book, No Life Too Small, the link is below.

Although not open to the public, you can support Alexis and her dream to prevent animals from ever dying alone and follow her work on social media.

4. Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland - Clyde Valley, Scotland

In Tribe, we have our second sanctuary in Scotland. Located in the Clyde Valley, this sanctuary is not generally open to the public but, if you book a stay at the on-site hut through The Vegan Stay, you can have a tour included and they do host events too.

Attached to the sanctuary are the Tribe Tattoo Studios in Glasgow and Edinburgh too and they regularly host events to raise funds for the sanctuary. So head on up to Scotland and get yourself a tattoo with some extra meaning!

5. Ananda Animal Sanctuary - Biggar, Scotland

Ananda is based to the south of Edinburgh and home to over 70 animals, including sheep, goats, turkeys, cows, ducks, pigs, chickens, cats and a dog!

Ananda will be the third and final Scottish stop of the tour on Saturday 27th May. In the spring and summer they run "Meet & Greet" days where you can go on a tour of the sanctuary and learn all about the residents. They're on the lookout for volunteers too, so if you're nearby, or even if you have skills you can offer remotely, head on over to the website and drop them a message.

6. Millington's Magical Barn - Yorkshire, England

Quite a way down south, after a couple of days heading down the eastern English coast, we stop off in Yorkshire to pay a visit to Millington's Magical Barn! They currently have around 90 animals in their care and their current goal is to become a registered charity in the UK. You can help support them with this on Patreon, with a one off donation or animal sponsorship.

Their social media presence is full of charm and a joy to follow, so head to Instagram and drop them a follow.

7. Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary - Warwickshire, England

FARS is home to over 400 rescued farm animals (as the name implies!) and the team have been rescuing animals for over 30 years now. You can support them in many way and you can book a tour by emailing them at

I haven't visited them before but that are one of the bigger sanctuaries in the UK and I can't wait to go there as they kick off a very busy end section of the tour!

Instagram: @farssanctuary

8. Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries - Worcestershire, England

Opening as recently as 2017, Goodheart is a very big place, with over 92-acres and 300+ animals. Here are there own words:

The sanctuary is tucked away in a peaceful corner of the countryside and includes a varied environment of open fields, woodland and even two large pools for our waterfowl. The sanctuary has everything our resident needs to live their lives in the most natural way possible. Each resident has a safe, cosy place to sleep, and the freedom to explore their large pastures all day long.

Alongside this, we have undergone a number of ambitious habitat development projects across the site, including our Pig Barn & Woodland, our Outdoor Education Area and our Goodheart Home for Rescued Hens.

Goodheart continue the Midlands section of the tour and is yet another sanctuary I haven't visited before.

9. The Farm Animal Sanctuary - Worcestershire, England

This is a place I love visiting! I have been a few times over the last two years and, if you follow me on social media, you will know that I even attended their open weekend last year, something I am doing again this year. TFAS is the oldest farm animal sanctuary in the UK, founded over 40 years ago by the incredible Jan.

Currently, they are campaigning and fund raising to buy the land they are currently situated on so that the future is secure, both for them and for the animals and anything we can do to help them achieve that would be incredible.

10. Coppershell Animal Rescue - Wiltshire, England

Another big one! They have so far rescued over 3000 animals and are situated on 62 acres of land. They host open days and tours throughout the year so you can always go and pay these guys a visit and see the sheep, pigs, goats and cows which call this place home.

They also help with the rescue of wildlife and are always willing to help.

This will be a bittersweet visit because they kick off the final day of the tour.

11. Pear Tree Farm Animal Sanctuary - Somerset, England

Last, but by no means least, both for this post and the tour, is Pear Tree Farm. I have visited these guys more than any other sanctuary over the last 3 years and I love it every time. Founded in 2018, this family-run vegan sanctuary is my dream being lived out by others: a home with a garden that has been turned into a small, but incredibly successful, sanctuary.

They have goats, sheep, hens and Cedric the Turkey roaming around the grounds in harmony, as well as two big pigs in Florence and Frederick.

Over the last two years they have welcomed lambs and piglets into their lives and helped them to grow into happy, free souls.

So, on 2nd June, Pear Tree Farm will bring the tour to an end. Hopefully you will join us for the tour (map below) along the way, but if not, I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration to support and/or visit your local sanctuary. I will be back with more lists in the future!

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